My name is Caitlin (meet my namesake). I’m a wedding photographer in Portland, Oregon. Originally from Iowa with a decent chunk of time spent bopping between Oregon and Minneapolis since 2009, I permanently relocated to the West Coast in 2015 and haven’t looked back. (Hellooo! Winter is green out here!) I love color, bending the rules, and anything a little out of the ordinary. To this day, my favorite non-photo job was the summer I spent as a camp counselor with low-income and at-risk youth. The visual storytelling of Joe Wright and Terrence Malick (and as of 2017, I better be adding Christopher Nolan to this list. Dunkirk, anyone?) films leave me speechless. The only phrase that I feel accurately describes my delightfully capricious persona is “semi-pragmatic daydreamer”: I have a tendency to swing between being hella neurotic (attention to detail! as unnecessarily prepared as a Boy Scout!) and hella laid back (go with the flow! up for anything!) which I feel uniquely prepares me for the ebb and flow of a wedding day.



I photographed my first wedding in July of 2012; the groom was a musician friend of mine who I met at a festival in Illinois. Since first picking up a camera in high school I vowed to never enter the high-stakes world of wedding photography. So, worried I would fail, I repeatedly refused the offer to fly to the beautiful hills of Western New York to photograph his barefoot lakeside ceremony. (Modern day Me to 2012 Me: DREAM WEDDING! SAY YES, YOU SWEET FOOL.) After some friendly badgering he was able to convince me that the wedding would be a huge party (I love parties, and yes, it was) and that it would be an easy day, so I said yes and am grateful every. single. day. that I did. (Fun fact: I woke up the morning of the wedding with a fever of 102° but, obviously, photographed it anyway.) Wedding photography wrapped its sticky little fingers around my heart on that day 5 years ago and I hope it never lets go.


My childhood was spent digging through the boxes of images my gramps created of my mom; hours came and went as I sat in a dark guest bedroom clicking through the slides of family picnics and weekends at the cabin that he so lovingly crafted from film to projection in his basement darkroom. He was my first introduction to what photojournalism is and how it made me feel – as if I had been there, creating these memories for myself. (I like to think he passed along his passion for storytelling to me, and that I’m living out both of our dreams.) This is also my approach to wedding days: to tell the story of the day you two became a family. No gimmicks, no creating moments that didn’t occur organically, and as little Photoshop as possible. I offer some simple direction during portraits throughout the day, but my goal is to stay in the background and document the day as it naturally unfolds, allowing you and your story to be the focus. I’m just a girl creating photos of real people who are really in love.



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