My family doesn’t really do holidays. We aren’t much of a traditionalist clan and growing up Christmas was always more of a financial burden than a joy in our household, so we just stopped taking part once I reached middle school. After surviving my melodramatic year
Envision for a moment: you’re in the backyard of a gorgeous house on Lake Minnetonka surrounded by twinkle lights and a few hundred of your favorite people. The sun has set, the air is chilly, and the music starts. Everyone has a full belly and drink in their hand as the dance fl
Where do I even start with these two? Brittany shared this with me in one of the last emails leading up to their wedding day, and I feel it encapsulates everything about them, and more: “Lastly, we are just so excited to get married. We have found a safe place in each other
Our theme is kind of like a big family vacation… From the very start, their hearts were showing. A few months after that initial email about their wedding, I drove to Duluth to meet up for Jaimie and Nate’s engagement session and it became even clearer. I felt as if we were a